+ Intelligently engineered, cycling-specific anti-rain device that works!

+ The sturmPrinz features 25 pattern pieces, 7 different textiles and 13 components.

+ Engineered using the ASSOS cycling-specific science of body-mapping pattern design

+ Ergonomically pre-shaped to fit your body in the cycling position.

+ Custom-made Triton fabrics, specifically developed for the sturmPrinz and its purpose

+ TeflonFoiling + Body Temperature Response Function + Rear panel ventilation diffusers

+ Macroporous side airVent mapping for efficient cooling and evaporation

+ Taped seams

+ Reflective zippers

+ Low volume

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The Assos sturmPrinz is the ultimate high intensity waterproof jacket that will also serve faithfully for training rides year in year out. Now available in eye-catching Lolly Red.

The Assos rS.sturmPrinz Evo is the ultimate, racing-specific ASSOS rain jacket. If you ride a lot, all year round, and cannot be bothered if it rains or not, then the sturmPrinz is for you. Yes, a little bit costly, but a strategic master item to complement your wardrobe for a long time to come. In cold winter riding conditions, it can be used as a heavy-duty insulator shell, wearing it over your interactive iJ.tiBuru. Engineered to be a lifetime companion. It’s good to know you have it, just in case.

The sturmPrinz Evo holds a very special place within the ASSOS collection. Its development was started five years ago by the core of the ASSOS Werksmannschaft (the in-house pro cycling team), with no intent to ever go commercial.

100% of the resulting products from followed only the needs of high performance functionality. No financial consideration went into its creation.

The objective was not to make a 100% waterproof jacket. Why not? Because 100% waterproof also means 100% impermeable, and this would be catastrophic if you happen to be in the bike race of your life, in the lead, with two hours still to go. Why? Because, at this level of exertion, body perspiration is very active, and the evaporation process must be proactive. It cannot be slowed excessively by your protective shell. Otherwise, within a fairly short time, you would be in a small private sauna, sweating out all your essential salts and minerals. The result? Crossing the finish line in last place with cramps.

Instead, the objective was to create the ideal rain jacket for high performance cycling.

The challenge was finding and calibrating the optimum balance between insulation and protection, without jeopardizing rider performance, to provide the rider with a functional, intelligently engineered, cycling-specific anti-rain device that works!


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